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Feb 25 '14

Motivation Monday – Xtend Barre Beat

We love discovering new music to add to our barre playlist.  When we heard this fun beat called Move from the new girl band Little Mix, we decided to add this to our playlist.  Check it out below and add it to your playlist for an extra boost at the barre this week!

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Feb 20 '14

Meet Our Instructor: What Does a Top Xtend Barre Instructor Eat?

Most people know by now that maintaining a healthy body, inside and out, is about balancing both fitness and diet. Xtend Barre instructors face the same challenges as our clients when it comes to diet.  They’re running around all day teaching classes, training clients, trying to get their own workouts in and find time to eat […]

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Feb 19 '14

Look We Love- Onzie Printed Leggings

We’ve added the printed leggings by Onzie to our lust list this week.  These printed puppies come in a capri ($56) and ankle length ($65) and a variety of super cool prints.  Perfect for making a statement in barre class and jazzing up all those plain black and white tanks in your workout closet. photo credit: NYCPretty.com

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Feb 18 '14

Tasty Tuesday – Dark Chocolate Covered Bananas

We like to indulge our sweet tooth pretty regularly. But we also aim to keep our portions in check and indulge in treats that have at least some nourishing health benefits.  Enter Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas dark chocolate covered banana slices.  Dark chocolate has numerous health benefits, and we love dipping these little bites into […]

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Feb 17 '14

Monday Motivation – President’s Day Xtend Barre Beat

We love finding new music to help motivate us to kick things up a notch at the barre. So we’re starting the week with another killer Xtend Barre Beat playlist!  Hit play and get your sweat on at the barre. And don’t forget to follow us on Spotify to get all of our playlists. Just […]

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Feb 16 '14

Ask Andrea

This week Xtend Barre founder, Andrea Rogers, shares with us the most common mistake she sees in Xtend Barre class. Q: What’s the biggest mistake you see Xtend students make in class? Andrea: Being self-defeating or, on the flipside, overworking themselves. I see some students not even try a challenging move because they THINK they cannot […]

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Feb 14 '14

Fit Tip Friday – Chair Plie

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are bringing you one of favorite barre move that really sculpts the booty.  After all, who doesn’t want a nice toned tush to show off on this weekend? Chair Plié WHAT: Works the glutes and strengthen the quads. SETUP: Face the barre with feet parallel and squeezed together, engaging […]

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Feb 14 '14

Fit Tip Friday – Hamstring Series with Ball

Fit Tip Friday –  Hamstring Series with Ball WHAT: Works the seat & hamstring for a seriously perky backside and leaner thigh. SETUP: Stand with feet hip distance apart. Place a ball behind your bent leg and keep your standing knee soft the ENTIRE time (super important for working both legs during this move). Start […]

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Feb 13 '14

Studio Owner Spotlight –

Trust us when we say that our Xtend Barre West Holly Wood studio Owner Sam Rabon is the coolest of cool girls. Her warm and inviting studio space nestled in downtown West Hollywood, California, is as chic and inviting as she is.  Sam is a former Moulin Rouge dancer, Cape Town native, entrepreneur, wife, and […]

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Feb 12 '14

Look We Love – Goal Digger by good hYOUman

We love us a Goal Digger. Especially in the form of this cheeky t-shirt from good hYOUman. good hYOUman is a line of simply chic t-shirts and tanks that support cancer research while supporting a message. Get your Goal Digger tee at our Xtend Barre West Hollywood or Xtend Barre Encinitas studios or order it […]

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