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Mar 14 '14

Fit Tip Friday: The Importance of Breath During Ab Series

Since our muscles require oxygen to be delivered through them, we must make sure that we breathe correctly. Through proper breathing, you will get DEEPER into your abs and get BETTER results. EXHALE on the hardest part of the movement. When to exhale during the ab series? C-curve Abs: Exhale on the crunch up, Inhale […]

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Mar 13 '14

The Big Day is Here! Babies on Board launches at The Bump

We couldn’t be more excited about today’s delivery over at The Bump headquarters!  As the savvy online community for first-time parents, providing the inside scoop on fertility, pregnancy, birth, and babies, we couldn’t think of a better place for the birth of our new program, Xtend Barre Babies on Board. This ultimate post-baby workout is a “no-babysitter-necessary” […]

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Mar 12 '14

Xtend Barre Babies on Board Launching Tomorrow at TheBump.com

We have a MAJOR birth announcement Xtenders! The stork is making a special delivery tomorrow over at TheBump headquarters.  In honor of launching of our new program Xtend Barre Babies on Board, Xtend Barre founder Andrea Rogers and The Bump’s Deputy Editor Elena Mauer (with her new baby) will be hosting a class of 30 new moms and […]

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Mar 11 '14

Tasty Tuesday Garlic Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes”

We took our first stab at Garlic Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes” last night and we’re pleased to report that it was seriously simple and insanely delicious. Just 5 ingredients, it takes less than 15 minutes to make, AND it tastes really, real good….we’re in love.  Seriously, this recipe is so easy, you have no reason not to […]

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Mar 10 '14

Monday Motivation- Xtend Barre Beats Final Countdown 60 Day Challenge

Happy Monday Xtenders! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. There’s just THREE days left of our 60 Day Challenge. The team that takes the most Xtend Barre classes within 60 days will be entered to win a Grand Prize of a $500 LuluLemon gift cards per person! So get to the barre and squeeze […]

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Mar 7 '14

Fit Tip Friday – Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips are a signature barre move that you can expect in every Xtend Barre workout to really exhaust the tricep muscles after our arm sculpting series. Here Xtend Barre DC owner Kelly Griffin demonstrates the signature tricep move. Make sure you’re doing this move right to really see results. Setup: Sit with your knees […]

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Mar 6 '14

Meet Our Instructor – Amy Pierson

Xtend Barre Instructor Amy Pierson of Xtend Barre Bel Air has traveled the world as a professional dancer, so it’s easy to say Amy has seen it all when it comes to dance and fitness.  After graduating from Elon University with a B.F.A. in Music Theater and Dance, Amy relocated to New York City, where she […]

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Mar 5 '14

Look We Love – Albion Fit

We learned about Albion Fit when our Xtend Barre Old Town and Xtend Barre DC studio owners collaborated on a fitness blog post with bloggers Sarah and Michelle from Fifty Two Thursdays.  Sarah sported Albion’s super cute Petal Pant and Love Tank for the Xtend Barre fitness fashion story and we’ve been itching to order […]

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Mar 4 '14

Tasty Tuesday – Healthy Butter & Oil Substitutes

I think we’ve all heard of using apple sauce or avocado to replace butter or oil when cooking and baking by now.  But when we made boxed brownies over the weekend to cure a raging sweet tooth, we stopped and wondered out of all the healthy butter substitutes, which was the right one for our […]

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Mar 3 '14

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday Xtenders! With just over a week left of our 60 Day Challenge, we’re bring you a fresh new playlist to help keep you going in the home stretch of our challenge. Don’t forget, the challenge ends March 13th and the team with that’s taken the most classes in 60 days will be entered […]

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